Syringe Services and Needle Exchange

The Hyde County Health Department has an established syringe service program. The syringe exchange program distributes sterile syringes and encourages the secure disposal of used syringes to reduce sharing, reuse, and public safety risks. Using a sterile syringe for each injection can prevent infections, abscesses and the transmission of hepatitis C and HIV. The program also provides condoms and naloxone. They will also help participants access other medical and social services, including treatment for substance abuse, mental health conditions, and testing for HIV and Hepatitis C. To sign up for the program call or text 252-542-0196.

Please find the Security Plan for the Syringe Exchange Program at this link.

Contact Information

To get connected to the services above, please reach out to:

Mike Wheeler, Certified Peer Support Specialist, WRAP Facilitator, Post Overdose Coordinator


office phone: (252) 926-4392

cell phone: (252) 422-2936