Naloxone Distribution

Naloxone is a medication designed to rapidly reverse an opioid overdose. It is an opioid antagonist—meaning that it binds to opioid receptors and can reverse and block the effects of other opioids. It can very quickly restore normal respiration to a person whose breathing has slowed or stopped as a result of overdosing with heroin or prescription opioid pain medications.

The Hyde County Health Department will distribute Naloxone to anyone that is at risk or has a friend or family member that is at risk of an opioid overdose. These are provided free of charge and your information will be kept confidential. For more information on Naloxone and signs of an opioid overdose click here.

Contact Information

To get connected to any of the services above, please reach out to:

Mike Wheeler, Certified Peer Support Specialist, WRAP Facilitator, Post Overdose Coordinator


office phone: (252) 926-4392

cell phone: (252) 422-2936 (text or call)

Joy Dodge, Certified Peer Support Specialist, WRAP Facilitator


office phone: (252) 926-4366

cell phone: (252) 422-1913 (text or call)

Brittanie Thompson, MAT Nurse, Substance Abuse Worker


office phone: (252) 926-4391