Laboratory Services

Patient samples that are tested in house are obtained via standing orders or written/verbal order by the provider.  The order is transferred to an in house paper lab requisition as well as entered in the patient’s electronic medical record.

The ordering provider or program clinic nurse reports the results to the patient.  All results are maintained in the patient’s electronic medical record.  Paper copies are maintained for two years. Our in-house services include: hemoglobin, blood glucose, fecal occult blood, urine pregnancy test, urinalysis, vaginal wet mount, rapid strep, rapid influenza A&B, urine drug screen, rapid COVID-19 and cholesterol.

HCHD also provides outside lab draws to the community with a provider's order.   Labs are processed and billed by labcorp and the results go directly to the individual’s ordering provider. 

Contact Information

For inquiries into Laboratory services, please contact:

Tiffany Webster, Medical Office Assistant

(252) 926-5290