Clinical Services for Children

The Hyde County Health Department provides primary care services, dental checks, lead testing, in-house cholesterol and hemoglobin checks, hearing and vision checks, developmental surveillance, immunizations and screening assessments for children.

For Physicians

For physicians or physicians' offices, please send all reports for elevated blood lead levels to Summer Cahoon at the contact information below. Roni Collier, Environmental Health Specialist, conducts in-home lead level checks. Please also find her contact information below.

Contact information

For inquiries into child health services, please contact Summer Cahoon, RN, Public Health Nurse.

Office: 252-926-4398 hours: 8-5 M-F

Cell: 252-422-1778 after hours


Fax: 252-926-0021

For inquiries into lead level checks, please contact Roni Collier, Environmental Health Specialist.

Office: 252-926-4370