Child Fatality Prevention Team

The Local Child Fatality Prevention Team (CFPT) is a group of various disciplines, which includes the local Health Director, that reviews medical examiner reports, death transcripts, police reports, and other records of deceased residents in Hyde County who are under the age of 18. The deaths are not related to abuse or neglect, and the goal of the CFPT is to find areas in Hyde County services that need improvement for child well-being; and recommend improvements for prevention of death.

The findings of the CFPT are shared with the local board of health and the county commissioners along with suggestions for prevention of childhood deaths. The descendants and their families are always protected, so that personal information is not shared. The reported findings are also shared at the state level, so that policies and laws can be implemented to reduce childhood deaths.

The disciplines that participate in the local CFPT are as follows:

  • County department of social services

  • Local law enforcement agency

  • District attorney's office

  • Local school

  • County board of social services

  • Local mental health agency

  • Guardians ad litem

  • Local health care provider(s)

  • Local department of public health

  • Emergency medical services

  • District court

  • County medical examiner

  • Local day care

  • Parent(s) of a lost child